Dear Parents/Carers,

We welcomed back our Y6 children, into their two “bubbles” yesterday following the Lancashire Public Health’s cautious approval for wider reopening this term. 

As we approach the end of of an extraordinary term, teachers will be completing tasks with their current classes over the next few weeks. You should have received reports yesterday. Classes for next year have been organised and teachers will be having handover meetings with each other, to discuss children they will be having in their classes for September. Parents will be notified about the new classes within a week.

The last week of term is our transition week and will see a shift to teachers engaging with their new classes.

Of course, there is still a good deal of uncertainty with regards to the practicalities of wider opening in the autumn term. The government has expressed it’s determination for schools in England to be open to all pupils in September. Our experience this term has been one of constant change, which has proved very challenging, from an organisational point of view. It is likely that we will still need “bubbles” of children (groups of children that do not come into children from any other bubbles during the school day). How many children allocated to each bubble, will depend, amongst other things, on social distancing guidance for schools. It is highly likely that we will be using staggered start times, breaks and end of day collection times. Of course, if there is a second “spike” in the virus, things could change yet again. Due to nature of the virus, we will only be able to announce confirmed plans for our September plans, very close to the start of the new term.

Kind regards 

Mr Kidd.