Reading Challenge record


At Duke Street we encourage a love of reading and aim to provide the children with many opportunities to read. We encourage the children to read at home both independently and with a parent/carer.   Children should be reading on average 15/20 minutes per day at home. Each class has a dedicated time during the week to visit the library. The children are able to select a book from a wide range of fiction or non-fiction texts to enjoy during ERIC (everyone reads in class) time in class. Over the last year, we have decided not to continue our subscription with Lancashire Library Services.  We have had the opportunity to purchase the books that are currently on loan, which we have done.  These will enhance are well stocked library and reading shed. 

I have been working closely with our class teachers and our History and Geography subject leaders to build our own selection of library resource boxes to enhance our Topic lessons.

Over the last couple of years, the school has held ‘Bog eyed Jogs’.  The money raised from this has been used to fund an electronic library system.  In addition to logging books in and out, the children have been introduced to writing blogs and book reviews on the system about the books they read.  They can also chat to their class friends about the books they are reading. All the children now have an individual log on which they will be able to access at home and at school.  We are hoping that this will inspire our children to continue to develop their love of reading beyond the classroom. Our latest 'Bog eyed Jog' will be held on World Book Day (Thursday 5th March), and the children will run in their costumes.  The money raised from this event will help to fund story sacks for our Reception classes.

Our reading shed will be open again during breaks and lunchtimes just as soon as the weather is better.  This is well stocked with books for all ages and abilities, and has comfy seating and blankets to enable the children to relax when reading.

From 2019/20 our ‘100 Book Reading Challenge’ has been updated to reflect the popularity of current reading trends in school. The challenge will be for the children to read 100 books during their time at Duke Street!  We hope that this will continue to inspire the children to read and enjoy books!

We have developed good links with Chorley Library and encourage the children to visit the library on a regular basis.  Over the past few years, each class has had the opportunity to join and visit the library to borrow books and learn what services the library has to offer.

We trialled the 'Book Bus' during the autumn term, which was a huge success! The money raised from this event has been used to stock our Topic boxes. We are hoping to have another visit during the summer term.

The school library is now open on a Thursday afternoon (after school until 4pm), for children to come in with parents and browse the books on offer.  We will be available to offer advice and support on reading. The i-pads will also be available for children to use the Reading Cloud system.

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