Reading Challenge record


At Duke Street we encourage a love of reading and aim to provide the children with many opportunities to read. We encourage the children to read at home both independently and with a parent/carer.   Children should be reading on average 15/20 minutes per day at home. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, children will not be able to browse in the library.  However, our ‘Reading Cloud’ system allows children to reserve books in much the same way as you would in a public library.  These will then will collected by the class TA to deliver to class. This minimises the risk of many hands touching books and still gives the children access to this vital service. Once read, books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being put back into circulation.  The children are able to select a book from a wide range of fiction or non-fiction texts to enjoy during ERIC (everyone reads in class) time in class.

I am continuing working with our History and Geography subject leaders to build our own selection of library resource boxes to enhance our Topic lessons.

Over the last couple of years, the school has held ‘Bog eyed Jogs’.  The money raised from these has been used to fund many features of our library, including an electronic system, a reading shed and new books.  We are hoping to be able to fund story sacks for our new Reception children from funds raised during the last academic year.

We will be continuing our ‘100 Book Reading Challenge’ in the 2020/21 year. The challenge will be for the children to read 100 books during their time at Duke Street!  We hope that this will continue to inspire the children to read and enjoy books!

We have developed good links with Chorley Library and encourage the children to visit the library on a regular basis.  In the past, each class has had the opportunity to join and visit the library to borrow books and learn what services the library has to offer.  We hope to be able to offer this service sometime soon.

We normally hold two book sales during the year.  The Children and parents/carers have the opportunity to buy ½ books at these sales.  We are hoping that these will be available in very near future!


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