Welcome to our School Council

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Our school council meet to discuss how we can make our school even better.

This month we are focusing on encouraging everyone in our school to be healthy.

What is a school council?

Members of school council are elected by the other children in their class to represent them.

Being a school councilor is a big responsibility. Our school councilors discuss important issues with their classmates and then take those ideas and share them with the rest of school council. It is a very important role.

Meet our school councilors

Acer - Eleanor and Charlie

Redwood - Parker and Daisy

Spruce - Layla and Archie

Maple - Annabelle and Harvey

Elder - Joey and Lucas

Rowan - Tillymint and Harry

Yew - Charlotte and Kenny

Poplar - Abby and Joshua

Sycamore - Sofiya and Jamaal 

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