Core Values

The school I CARE core values have been articulated after consultation with pupils, parents, teachers and governors. I CARE is mnemonic for Individuality, Community, Aspire & Achieve, Resilience, Empathy
These core values underpin everything we are striving to achieve as a school.

School Development Plan


Duke Street Primary School aims to:

  • provide a secure, caring and stimulating learning environment,
  • promote self-discipline, moral values and self-esteem,
  • set challenging yet realistic goals in order to allow each child and member of staff to reach his or her potential
  • encourage an enthusiastic attitude to learning through a well-balanced and varied curriculum.
  • work in partnership with parents to provide the best for each child in order to get the best from each child
  • offer colleagues an enjoyable, positive environment in which to work, fostering both team commitment and the well-being of everyone within our school.

Principles for Learning and Teaching

At Duke Street we will:

  • set high expectations and give every learner confidence they can succeed
    • raise learner’s aspirations
    • secure the active support of parents in their children’s learning and encourage children to extend learning beyond school
    • demonstrate a commitment to every learner’s success, making them feel included, valued and secure
  • establish what the children know and build on it
    • set, share and display learning objectives, explaining them and making every learning experience count
    • create secure foundations for subsequent learning
  • structure and pace learning experiences to make them challenging and enjoyable
    • include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities
    • set up classroom environments which encourage children’s independence
    • provide opportunities to solve problems
    • make creative use of range of learning opportunities available, within and beyond the classroom, including ICT
  • inspire through passion for the subject
    • bring the subject alive
    • value contributions from the wider community
    • make it relevant to the learner’s wider goals and concerns
  • make individuals active partners in their learning
    • promote reflection and evaluation with regards to how they learn and what they have learned
    • build respectful teacher-learner relationships that take learners’ views and experience fully into account
    • use assessment for learning to inform subsequent planning and practice
  • develop learning skills and personal qualities
    • develop the ability to think systematically and manage information,
    • learn with others, from others and help others learn

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