Partnership with Parents

We encourage parental support in school at all levels, with your own children at home, attending parents meetings in the autumn and spring terms, attending class assemblies and other special assemblies, or even helping in school. We aim to keep parents informed by sending weekly newsletters each Thursday and termly topic overviews.


The school newsletter is also accessible through visiting our website:  and through our school APP. 

For further information regarding registering for our school APP, please contact Mrs Nicholls in the office. 


We have a Home School Agreement which sets out the expected joint commitment and responsibility of the school, parents and pupils.


We have a well established system of rewards and sanctions. We reward with stickers, house points, certificates and trophies. Where behaviour is not up to our expected standard, we contact parents promptly. Behaviour & Discipline policy copies are available in school.

(Electronic or hard copies of the complaints policy are available from the headteacher.)

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