Mr Stephens

Class teacher

Mrs Anthony

Teaching assistant

Welcome to year Sycamore class. We are a class of year 6’s in our final year at primary school and will be working hard to meet the high expectations, expected of us.

As a class, we are developing all of our existing skills, as well as learning new ones and will have fun on this wonderful journey. If you have any worries or concerns then don’t hesitate to speak to any of our teaching staff, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see us with Mrs Nicholls at the front office.

Your teachers in year 6 this year are Mr Stephens and Mrs Anthony. PE is taught by Mr Allen and Forest School is taught by Mrs Haddon. These are taught fortnightly. Please make sure sure that a PE kit is in school at all times, and that a Forest School kit is brought in when needed, as well as taken home at the end of the day.

UKS2 Termly Overviews

Reading at home

We would like your children to read at least three times a week at home, more if possible. We have a reward system in place where your child’s diary is stamped along with their reading card, and prizes to be won too. We have a termly raffle prize available for those who read three times a week, as well as weekly prizes.


We are currently following the Focus English scheme, where we focus on particular books throughout a term and produce work accordingly. This half term, we are reading 'Journey to Jo'Burg', by Beverly Naidoo. We will also have weekly grammar sessions, where we will learn and apply the rules of language, then these skills will be expected in their writing as well as being tested on a termly basis.


Maths is really important to us, so we need to keep learning our times tables and basic facts. Throughout the week we will be developing our basic skills, as well as furthering our understanding of more complex areas, including reasoning and problem solving. The children will start most days with Early Bird maths, which gives the children another opportunity to challenge themselves and deepen their understanding. 

To help develop the children's mathematical ability at home, the children can play on Times Table Rock Stars, which challenges them to develop their fluency and speed at which they approach their times tables. The basis of mathematics is underpinned by a solid foundation of the basic facts and times tables, so supporting your children at home is essential to improving their ability.


Spellings rules and use of vocabulary are taught throughout the week and consist of  No Nonsense Spelling and the use of the statutory year 5 and 6 spelling words. There will be a spelling test every Friday to see how the children are getting on, after a week of learning certain rules.

Preparations for SATs

Later on this academic year, the year 6's will be sitting their SATs. Although this may seem a daunting experience, it only shows a fraction of your child's experience at school. We want the children to enjoy their time in year 6 and gain as much knowledge as possible, which will prepare them for life after Duke Street. Preparations for SATs is important and we do recommend that if you do have any worries or questions, then do not hesitate to ask. 

Forest School and PE timetable

Over the next term, Sycamore class will work with Mr Allen for PE and Mrs Haddon for Forest School. As Mr Stephens' release time is alternated weekly, he will be out of class on a Wednesday (which will be covered by Mrs Haddon) and the following week, he will be out of class on the Friday (which will be covered by Mr Allen). Below, you will find the dates for each week, covering the whole of autumn term. Please make sure that a PE kit and Forest School kit is brought in for the respective days that your child has each session.

Friday 6th September - PE

Wednesday 11th September - Forest School

Friday 20th September - PE

Wednesday 25th September - Forest School

Friday 4th October - PE

Wednesday 9th October - Forest School

Friday 18th October - PE

----- Half Term -----

Wednesday 30th October - Forest School

Friday 8th November - PE

Wednesday 13th November - Forest School

Friday 22nd November - PE

Friday 29th November - PE

Wednesday 4th December - Forest School

Wednesday 11th December - Forest School

----- Break up for Christmas -----

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