Mr Stephens

Class teacher

Mrs Anthony

Teaching assistant

Sycamore Class Home Learning

Welcome to year Sycamore class. We are a class of year 6’s in our final year at primary school and will be working hard to meet the high expectations, expected of us.

As a class, we are developing all of our existing skills, as well as learning new ones and will have fun on this wonderful journey. If you have any worries or concerns then don’t hesitate to speak to any of our teaching staff, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see us with Mrs Nicholls at the front office.

Your teachers in year 6 this year are Mr Stephens and Mrs Anthony. PE is taught by Mr Allen and Forest School is taught by Mrs Haddon. These are taught fortnightly. Please make sure sure that a PE kit is in school at all times, and that a Forest School kit is brought in when needed, as well as taken home at the end of the day.

UKS2 Termly Overviews

Reading at home

Children are encouraged to read widely and regularly. We expect children to read their school book a minimum of 3 times per week. They are rewarded for each time they return their book and signed reading record. Regular reading is an invaluable way to enhance our learning and understanding and so it is extremely beneficial. During class reading time, we encourage the children to enjoy reading, and have very kindly been given some blankets by the PTFA, which the children love using, as they can feel more relaxed.


We are following the FOCUS scheme for English which is based on the in depth study of a book. Over 5-6 weeks the children will do lots of discussion, role play and writing based on this book.

This half term, we will be reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. After half term, we will be studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

We will also have weekly grammar sessions, learning and applying the rules of language. These skills will be tested termly and will be applied withing all writing sessions; home practice of these skills is encouraged.


We follow the year 5 and 6 Maths curriculum with each child accessing the appropriate support, strategies and challenge according to their prior learning, attainment and year group.  We focus on one area of Maths each week and the aim is that all children have mastered this by the end of the week.  This will be through practise and consolidation activities including using pictures and resources such as place value counters. We will also complete daily 'Early Bird Maths' activities upon arrival into class. This is an invaluable time for pupils to receive extra support and enhance their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills so please ensure your child arrives punctually and ready to learn!

Each week the children will complete a times tables test.  It is expected that by the time the children are in year 5, that they all have rapid recall of ALL tables facts up to 12×12. Please encourage and support your child with accessing TT Rockstars to help them to practise their tables facts.


Spellings rules are taught throughout the week. These are based on the Common exception word list and the rules, which are associated with them, for year 5 and 6.  New word lists are sent out on Monday and tested on Friday.  We will also be covering spelling rules based on the year 5 and 6 spelling curriculum. Children will be rewarded for accurate use of these spellings within their school work.


Forest School and PE timetable

Over the next term, Sycamore class will work with Mr Allen for PE and Mrs Haddon for Forest School. PE and Forest school will be every alternate Friday. Below, you will find the dates for each week, covering the whole of spring term. Please make sure that a PE kit and Forest School kit is brought in for the respective days that your child has each session. If your child is unable to do either PE or Forest school, a letter must be given to the class teacher.

Friday 10th January – PE

Friday 17th January – Forest School

Friday 24th January – PE

Friday 31st January – Forest School

Friday 7th February – PE

Friday 14th February – Forest School

-----------HALF TERM----------

Friday 28th February – PE

Friday 6th March – Forest School

Friday 13th March – PE

Friday 20th March – Forest School

Friday 27th March – PE

Friday 3rd April – Forest School

Preparations for SATs

Later on this academic year, the year 6's will be sitting their SATs. Although this may seem a daunting experience, it only shows a fraction of your child's experience at school. We want the children to enjoy their time in year 6 and gain as much knowledge as possible, which will prepare them for life after Duke Street. Preparations for SATs is important and we do recommend that if you do have any worries or questions, then do not hesitate to ask. Over the coming weeks, the children will start their preparations and letters will be going out to give parents more information about how to support children at home. There will also be a meeting, where the year 6 staff can meet with parents and SATs can be discussed.

KS2 SATs 2019-2020

SATs Tests for Year 6 pupils will take place between Monday 11th May and Thursday 14th May 2020.

In the summer term of 2020, children in Year 2 and Year 6 will take their SATs papers. These tests in English and maths will reflect the new national curriculum, and are intended to be more rigorous.

At the end of Year 6, children will sit tests in:

  • English Reading
  • English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Mathematics

These tests will be both set and marked externally, and the results will be used to measure your child’s progress and the school’s performance. Your child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment.

Here are the dates for when the National KS2 SATs will take place in May 2020.

Monday 11th May - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (45 minutes) and Spelling (15 minutes)

Tuesday 12th May - Reading (60 minutes)

Wednesday 13th May - Arithmetic 1 ( 30 minutes) and Reasoning 2 (40 Minutes)

Thursday 14th May - Reasoning 3 (40 minutes)


Key Stage 2 Reading Test

Your child will have one hour, including reading time, to complete the test.

There will be a selection of question types, including:

  • Ranking/ordering, e.g. ‘Number the events below to show the order in which they happen in the story’
  • Labelling, e.g. ‘Label the text to show the title of the story’
  • Find and copy, e.g. ‘Find and copy one word that suggests what the weather is like in the story’
  • Short constructed response, e.g. ‘What does the bear eat?’
  • Open-ended response, e.g. ‘Look at the sentence that begins Once upon a time. How does the writer increase the tension throughout this paragraph? Explain fully, referring to the text in your answer.’


Key Stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Tests

The grammar, punctuation and spelling test will consist of two parts: a grammar and punctuation paper requiring short answers, lasting 45 minutes, and an aural spelling test of 20 words, lasting around 15 minutes.

The grammar and punctuation test will include two sub-types of questions:

  • Selected response, e.g. ‘Identify the adjectives in the sentence below’
  • Constructed response, e.g. ‘Correct/complete/rewrite the sentence below,’ or, ‘The sentence below has an apostrophe missing. Explain why it needs an apostrophe.’


Key Stage 2 Mathematics Tests

Children will sit three papers in maths:

  • Paper 1: arithmetic, 30 minutes (written)
  • Papers 2 and 3: mathematical fluency, solving problems and reasoning, 40 minutes per paper

Paper 1 will consist of fixed response questions, where children have to give the correct answer to calculations, including long multiplication and division. Papers 2 and 3 will involve a number of question types, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Constrained questions, e.g. giving the answer to a calculation, drawing a shape or completing a table or chart
  • Less constrained questions, where children will have to explain their approach for solving a problem.

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