Reception Admissions

Children start in the reception class at the beginning of the school year in which they turn five. The school year runs from September 1st to August 31st. An admissions booklet with an accompanying form is available, from the school office, during the autumn term. The completed form needs to be returned to school or completed online during the autumn term before the children start in the reception class the following September. Formal notification of a place and induction meeting will be sent in the spring term.  Our admission number is 50.

Deadline : 15 January 2021 for primary schools

If you require any help with completing these forms, then please contact Rachel or Emma from our Outreach team.  


Admissions Criteria (rules) for who is given priority for places in Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools

If there are more applications than places available, then for all community and voluntary controlled primary schools in Lancashire the following admissions criteria is used to decide who has priority for admission. All the preferences for a school are considered equally and the criteria below are applied in priority order.

  1. Children who are looked after by a Local Authority at the time when preferences are expressed and who are still looked after at the time of their admission to school, and those who have been previously looked after, then
  2. Children for whom the Local Authority accepts that there are exceptional medical social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned, then
  3. Children with older brothers and sisters attending the school when the younger child will start, then
  4. Remaining places are allocated according to where a child lives. Those living nearest to the preferred school by a straight line (radial) measure will have priority,


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