The school acknowledges the importance of good attendance. Term time holidays are strongly discouraged as they are extremely disruptive to children’s education. It is not possible for children to catch up work missed through taking term time holidays.

Attendance Policy

Teachers will not set work to be completed on holiday.

Parents do not have a right to take term time holiday; however the school may authorise up to 10 days during term in exceptional circumstances. The availability of cheap holidays is not an exceptional circumstance. Parents have 13 weeks of school holidays to select from for a holiday which we believe is ample. The school should be approached in writing before a holiday is booked to seek the headteacher’s authorisation.

Regular attendance for the remainder of the year is also imperative. Parents are encouraged to ensure their children are in school and not kept off for trivial reasons. We also ask that where possible, medical appointments, particularly routine check-ups, are restricted to times outside of the school day.

The school rewards regular attendance in a number of ways including the giving out of certificates and special playtime privileges.

Punctuality, as stated earlier, is very important in order to get the day off to a good start and to ensure children do not miss the vital start to a lesson. However, we must also stress that the school do accept responsibility for children until the start of the school day. No responsibility is accepted for children on the school premises before 8.45am

Ofsted inspectors also highlighted the issue of regular attendance for pupils to make better progress.

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