Dear Parents & Carers,


I hope you are all keeping well and surviving these very unusual and difficult times, as best you can.


I am writing to update you on our latest proposals for a wider reopening of school, in the light of the Director for Public Health’s review, announced on Monday 8th June, and  subsequent Senior Leadership Team meetings, consultation with Duke Street Primary School governors, and discussion with the local authority school advisor.


Previously, we have raised concerns regarding the wider reopening of schools, particularly to the youngest two cohorts, (Reception and Year 1) for whom social distancing is particularly difficult. We believe that returning the youngest children, especially at this point in the school year, creates potentially more risk than it does reward, especially bearing in mind the current local Covid 19 situation.


The proposal that we should not be reopening, on a wider basis, to current Reception and Year 1 children until after the summer holiday has been agreed, unanimously, by governors.


With regards to Year 6, we will await the next review of the Director for Public Health, which will be published Monday 15th June, in respect of whether a return to Lancashire schools is recommended from Monday 22nd June.


The proposal that the school building will be closed to all pupils over the summer holiday, with our safeguarding team carrying  out outreach work in the community, to support vulnerable families has  also been agreed by governors, unanimously.


Once again, thank you for your support and understanding over this current situation. These are challenging times for everyone. We miss the children as much as they, hopefully, miss us and we look forward to welcoming them back in safer times, soon.



Mr A. W. Kidd
Duke Street Primary School