Money Management

This is the Money Management display which shows some of the work we have been doing with the Southlands students.

We discussed our aspirations for the future and created career ladders, identifying qualifications needed to achieve our dreams.

We know understand the terms ‘surplus’ and ‘deficit’ and calculated outgoings from a wage slip.

As a class we took part in a local competition on Christmas during WW1. We shared our thoughts and ideas as a class before putting together a final document identifying what Christmas would have been like during the war, comparing it to how we celebrate Christmas today.

Though we didn’t win, we received a certificate of acknowledgement for our hard work.

We really enjoyed working with some of the students from Southlands, they helped us to understand how important it is to save money and know the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.

We looked at how to calculate net pay from a wage slip and what is deducted on a monthly basis. We know understand the terms ‘ gross’ and ‘net’ pay and understand how we much calculate all outgoings before we spend money on extra items such as games and clothes.

Money Management

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