Break Time Activities

Mr Reay would like to share the following information with you regarding an opportunity for your children to partake in group activities through something called Break Time. 


Break Time provides group activities for children and young people aged 4-18 with SEND.

In order to attend these activities, parents and carers must register their child and receive a membership number. 

We are aware that the new approach to Break Time has meant that not all eligible families applied within the registration period.  Despite our best efforts and the advertising campaigns some parents and carers are stating that they did not know about Break Time or the need to register, others have advised that they did miss the deadlines and have been left upset when they understood the deadline had passed .    

Due to a number of professionals, providers, parents and carers getting in touch I am pleased to confirm that we have made the decision to reopen* the Break Time Registration to allow those families who have missed the initial registration campaigns this year to register. Full details and a downloadable form are on the Local Offer at: