Dear Parent/Carer, 


We just wanted to touch base with you, to say a big “Thank you” to all those parents who have been supporting their children in their remote learning so far this term.  This has been an immense challenge for us all and we understand the difficulties of spinning so many plates. 

Assisting your child’s learning from home, on a daily basis, can be tricky but is so important. We will continue to  support families with staffing and other resources that  we have available, to make the task more manageable. We realise that it is really tough, right now, but hopefully it will become easier over time. 


Many of our  staff also have their own children at home, and so we can sympathise and empathise with the enormous task facing you.  We hope you are able to communicate with your child’s class teacher, or other members of staff, including our outreach team, as appropriate. The situation is stressful for everyone.  We are all encountering unfamiliar problems, as a school and as a community and we appreciate the conflicting demands that you have on your precious time. We don’t necessarily have the answers to all the questions, but we will strive to do our best to deploy staff and resources, to improve the education and pastoral support for children and families here at Duke Street.

Stay safe everyone.

Kind regards 

A. W.Kidd



Duke Street Primary School