Dear Parent /Carer


We hope you have had as restful a break as possible under the present circumstances.


As you will have seen in the media, there has been considerable discussion over the tier system, vaccinations, school opening for secondary and primary schools.


We were very pleased to be able to keep the school fully open for the duration of the autumn term.  We are following the advice of the Lancashire authority in opening the school for the start of term tomorrow.


Members of school staff across the country have been given advice by their professional associations/unions regarding the safe opening of schools. Following communication received from a number of members of staff late this afternoon, we need to inform you that tomorrow morning, the  classes listed below will NOT be returning to school.






Class teachers for these classes will be contacting you tomorrow to deliver remote learning.


Further information will be communicated to parents tomorrow, about how we propose to plan for educational provision moving forwards.


Parents of children in these classes, who consider themselves both to be critical workers, or single parent critical workers, should contact the school with regards to provision.


Kind regards

Andrew Kidd

Sarah Ridley