Next week we will be going "cashless" for paying for school dinners for after half term. Although this is only relevant to those children in KEY STAGE 2 who pay for school dinners, EVERYBODY may get a notification about this from Parentmail once I activate the system, so if your child is on Free meals in KS1 or KS2, you may disregard it. Once active two bank accounts will be visible, you must select Lancashire County Council to pay for school meals. If you are behind with dinner money, your account will begin with a negative amount. Those that have paid weeks in advance will have appropriate credits. If your child normally has a packed lunch in KS2 and you need to pay for an occasional dinner, this too must be done via parentmail, preferably in advance or the day itself. Any negative amounts will prompt messages to be sent from Parentmail until arrears are cleared. This is a new system to us too but if you have any questions, please speak to me in the office and I will try to help. Any problems within Parentmail or the app, must be addressed with Parentmail directly. Thank you. Mrs Nicholls