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HImage result for birch treeello and welcome to Birch Class! We are a mixed class of year 3 and year 4 children taught by Miss Gould. Miss Haddon is our teaching assistant who will be working with us every day. We will also have Mrs Birnie working with us every morning and Mrs Wilson every afternoon.

Birch Class Home Learning

LKS2 Termly Overviews


We are following the FOCUS scheme for English which is based on the in depth study of a book.  Over 5-6 weeks the children will do lots of discussion, role play and writing based on this book.

This term will be reading The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

We will also have weekly grammar sessions, learning and applying the rules of language. These skills will be tested termly and at home practise is encouraged.


Children are encouraged to read widely and regularly. We expect children to read their school book a minimum of 3 times per week. They are rewarded for each time they return their book and signed reading record.Certificates will also be given when this has been achieved. In Birch Class, if we read 3 times in a week, we can have time on a Friday to play on the iPads!

Regular reading is an invaluable way to enhance our learning and understanding and so it is extremely beneficial.  The children will also be given time to read a book of their choice each day and take part in whole class novel at the end of each day, promoting that love of reading.


Children will be learning to spell words from the year 3/4 common exception word list. They will be tested on a Monday to see what they already know then the spellings will be taught, using different techniques, throughout the week and the children will be tested again on Friday. Spellings rules are taught throughout the week. New word lists are sent out on Monday and we will focus on a word of the week.  We will also be covering spelling rules based on the year 3 and 4 curriculum using the No Nonsense spellings. Children will be rewarded and acknowledged for accurate use of these spellings within their school work.


We follow the year 3 and 4 Maths curriculum with each child accessing the appropriate support, equipment,  strategies and challenge according to their prior learning, attainment and year group.  We focus on one area of Maths each week and the aim is that all children have mastered this by the end of the week.  This will be through practise and consolidation activities including using pictures, models and images, and resources such as place value counters, base 10, counting sticks, number lines and other mathematics resources. We will also complete daily 'Early Bird Maths' activities upon arrival into class. This is an invaluable time for pupils to receive extra support and enhance their fluency and mental arithmetic skills so please ensure your child arrives punctually and ready to learn!

Each week the children will complete a times tables test.  It is expected that by the time the children leave year 4,they understand and can recall ALL tables facts up to 12×12. Please encourage and support your child with accessing TT Rockstars to help them to practise their tables facts. This is an excellent free resource that can be accessed via any iPad, smart phone, tablet or PC. Login and password information will be given in September and sent home with your child.




PE will be taught every Wednesday afternoon and alternate Monday afternoons. Please ensure your child has their full indoor and outdoor PE in school on those days.


If your child requires medical attention or has asthma, please complete the relevant forms with Mrs Nicholls in the office and ensure that inhalers and in school.


Our door is always open, but if you do have any questions or matters that you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to make an appointment through Mrs Nicholls in the office.





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