PE & Sport Curriculum

Sports Spending Report

Sports Premium Spending

The effect of the premium on pupils’ PE sport participation and attainment:

80% of our children do at least 2 clubs every week per year, this resulted in us receiving the gold award for the second time for our participation in PE and Sport.
We also have zoning where all our KS2 children participate in structured play at lunchtimes.  This has led to improvement in behaviour at lunchtimes, improved throwing and catching skills, and increased competition.
We provide a wide variety of after school clubs including baking, football, fitness, martial arts, golf and multi-skills.
We have an external coach who supports staff in curriculum time when teaching dance. This has led staff feeling more confident and enthusiastic in teaching dance.
We have Y6 specialist leaders that help and support Mr Allen with zoning. These leaders complete training in September alongside Y4/5 buddies.  The Y6 specialists help Mrs Elaine Smith (ESPE) with after school competitions.

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